About Us

Missouri Valley Marketing group is a non-profit group formed to help businesses, organizations and events in Broadwater County in planning and marketing.  We have now incorporated as Missouri Valley Marketing, Inc. (EIN: 82-0775799).

Missouri Valley Marketing is a group of community oriented volunteers who are dedicated to promoting Broadwater County and the people, business, organizations and events in the community. There are no employees and none of the volunteers on this group are paid by Missouri Valley Marketing.

Members of the Missouri Valley Marketing group

President: Rachael Elliot-Brug

Vice President: Monique Prevel

Secretary/Treasurer: Vic Sample

Board Members

Rachael Elliot-Brug

Monique Prevel

Victor Sample

Ross Johnson

Pam Sample




Any one interested in working with the Missouri Valley Marketing group is welcome to join us at any time and learn what we do. All meetings are open to everyone with an interest. Click on meeting schedule to see a schedule of meeting dates, times and locations.

To become a member of Missouri Valley Marketing just fill out a  small membership application.

You can contact us via email at missourivalleymarketing@gmail.com


or at

Missouri Valley Marketing

P.O. Box 245

Townsend, Mt. 59644