Southwest Montana Community Corridor Grant

Community receives Tourism Marketing Grant

The Townsend/Broadwater County community has received a Corridor Tourism Marketing Grant from Southwest Montana. The grant will be used to develop a tourism marketing plan specifically for Townsend/Broadwater County.

Southwest Montana is a non-profit regional organization that receives Montana bed-tax funds to promote tourism in the 9 nine county region that includes Beaverhead, Broadwater, Deer Lodge, Granite, Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Madison, Powell and Silver Bow counties.

As a regional tourism organization Southwest Montana uses several marketing firms to promote tourism throughout these counties. The newest project from Southwest Montana is to install state-of-the-art high definition televisions in tourist traffic areas (airports, rest-areas, etc.) throughout the region showing very high definition images of our area.

In addition to directly promoting tourism throughout the region Southwest Montana provides grants to communities in the region to help the communities promote tourism in their specific area.

The Southwest Montana Corridor Grant is a $5000 - $8000 grant (depending on the marketing plan) that is used to work with Windfall, Inc. – one of the professional marketing firms used by Southwest Montana – to develop and implement a marketing plan for the Townsend/Broadwater County community. A cross-organization committee is being formed to work with Windfall, Inc.

This grant is a Community grant it is awarded to the community. Missouri Valley Marketing (MVM) is the sponsoring organization for the grant, but the project is a community project. We are inviting BCDC (Broadwater Community Development Corporation), MBAC (Montana Business Assistance Connection), Townsend Rotary, Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce, Broadwater County and the City of Townsend to have representation on the committee. Each organization is active in promoting the area for business and tourism and each organization has great ideas. With the help of Crystal Glueckert (Windfall, Inc. Account Manager) we hope to consolidate the various organizations into a focused plan for increasing tourism in our community.

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