MVM Gets Grant for Pickleball Equipment for Townsend Schools

Pickleball has become a very popular game for the Townsend School students. Last year David Lawson arranged for members of the local Pickleball Club to teach pickleball to his students in his PE classes. Many of the kids loved playing pickleball and want to continue to play the sport.

This year Mr. Lawson bought 3 portable pickleball nets for the school. The nets can be put up and taken down in the school gyms without interfering with the other sports played in the gyms.

Missouri Valley Marketing member Pam Sample, in conjunction with the USAPA Helena “Pickleball Ambassador”, found that the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) has grants available to help schools establish pickleball programs.

Pam worked through the grant process and was awarded a $350.00 grant for the Townsend School. She was referred by the Helena Ambassador to a few websites that sell pickleball equipment and found a company ( and negotiated a deal to buy 20 new polymer pickleball paddles for the school.

MVM (Missouri Valley Marketing) is paying for the shipping of the pickleball paddles.

MVM is proud to have partnered with the Townsend School to make this fast growing sport available to the students.

The local pickleball club in association with Old Baldy Adult Education plays pickleball throughout the year. During the school year the club plays indoor at the school and in the summer months plays outdoors. Anyone is welcome to join the pickleball club. Contact Jeff Langlinais at 918-914-2055 or email him at