MVM Minutes: 2019/06/06

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of June 6, 2019 held at Penny’s Breakfast Station at 12:00 p.m. 

In Attendance:

Jenni Bonser (President),

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer),

LaRinda Spencer (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Ernie Forrey,

Pat Plantenberg,

Ross Johnson,

Diane Johnson

Diane and Ross Johnson


Corridor Grant Update

Discussed up-coming teleconference with Windfall Wednesday, June 12 at 1:00 pm at the Lodge of Townsend.  Teleconference service will be available through MBAC. Contact Vic if needed.


County Wide Yard Sale

LaRinda said MVM has a lot of likes and has been sharing the yard sale on Facebook.   The IR ad has been finalized and the large ad was $120.00 to run on the 22nd and the classified ad to run June 14 and June 15 was $26.50 for a total of $146.50.  Pam asked for help loading up the truck if the day does turn out it will be nice.  Diane and Ross will help Friday. 


Senior Center

Bingo will be on Monday June 10th after lunch.  The cost will be the same; $7.00 for 10 sheets of 6 bingo cards and $5.00 if they want an additional card.  Pam will get a poster at the Senior Center to advertise there.


Dianes Calendar Project

Diane found the lowest price for the calendar would be $14.99 at Shutterfly.  She will print one and it was agreed to put off this project until next year.


Fall Fest Booth

Townsend Chamber and BCDC said they will also man the booth as long as they can hang their respective banners.  Everyone agreed that is not a problem.  Plus they can give away promotional items.



Discussed if we should file 2017 and 2018 taxes or an extension as we have not gotten a 501C determination letter from the IRS.  At first we discussed to go ahead and file them and it was motioned and approved to do so, then Ernie said perhaps we should wait and discussed why.  Based on his input the decision was made to rescind the previous motion. Vic said he has the tracking information indicating the IRS did receive the forms and the check was cashed in April.


Wallamoose Project

Jenni brought in “Wally the Wallamoose of Broadwater County”.  She said he is going to some ranches will be Wally the Wallamoose of Broadwater County and his adventures.


Photo Project

Jenni also brought in the black and white metal photo of the Commercial and will ask the Commercial if they will sponsor the picture on the garbage receptacle.  (Vic and Pam had to leave the meeting early so unable to record any other information at the meeting.)  Question to be brought forward at next meeting is if we have permission from City Council yet.