MVM Minutes: 2019/06/27


Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of June 27, 2019 held at Betsy's Kitchen at 12:00 p.m. 

In Attendance:

Nichole Brown (Vice President)

LaRinda Spencer (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph


Corridor Grand Update

Up-coming video conference with Windfall is Monday July 1st at 1:00pm. Pam siad Windfall had provided a work plan at the last telephone conference and believes they will have some initial bradning concepts and strategy base on the work plan. Pam forwarded the work plan to LaRinda, Nichole and Debi for review prior to the July 1st video conference.


County Wide Yard Sale

Discussed whether the County-Wide Yard Sale was a success. It did rain until about 10:00am and we only had 3 people set up at the Flea Market site. LaRdina said she had over 100 people shouw up at her house. Discussed setting up a place inside next year. Pam will be a volunteer from now on - she will no longer be chair of any comittee. Pam mentioned that the Multi purpose room at the school is reserved for August 25th and asked if MVM wants to do the flea market. LaRinda will think about it and decide.


Update on Wally the Wallamoose Project

The discussion was tabled since Jenni Bonser was not there.


Update on the Historic Pictures Project

The discussion was tabled since Jenni Bonser was not there.


2019 Spook Run

It was decided to ask if Education Foundation(?) is doing their Spook event and maybe discuss doing them on the same day.


Economic Development Booth at Fall Fest

No one from MVM at the meeting will be able to man the booth. We need to discuss the booth when more members are present.  It was discussed to ask Windfall if it is effective to have a booth. Townsend Chamber has said they will help man the both and BCDC has said they have materials for the booth. The main problem is that many of the MVM members are Rotary members and will be working at Fall Fest. 

We need to decide if we should even have a booth. We have 2 possible raffle items thata are still not completed.  The members at the meetingd do NOT want to raffle the table.


Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce

Debi Randolph brought the new Townsend Chamber brochures. They look great!


Debi reported that the Chamber is contemplating moving the Christmas Stroll to Wednesday, December 4th. No decision has yet been made.