MVM Minutes: 2019/11/08

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of November 8, 2019 held at Penny's Breakfast Station at 8:30am. 

In Attendance:

Jenni Bonser (President)

Nichole Brown (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

LaRinda Spencer (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Ross Johnson (Director)

Debi Randolph

Diane Johnson

Pat Plantenberg

Ernie Forrey



MVM has received a positive IRS Letter of determination for our 501(c6) application. We are an officially IRS recognized non-profit. 

In order to retain our status we must file tax form 990 for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 by May 15, 2020.


XMAS Stroll

Vic and Pam have been attending the Chamber Christmas Stroll meetings.  The theme of this year is "Cowboy Christmas".  If it is successful the Chamber will continue the theme in future Christmas Strolls.

Barney Spurlock said he would be Santa for us -- but Nichole will check to ensure he is still willing.


At the next Rotary Board member, Vic will ask to borrow the Rotary canvas panels, a heater and a table.  The topic is already on the Rotary Board agenda and the Rotary president appears to endorse the request.


The Chamber is submitting all of the food items to the sanitarian for approval. He has said we would be willing to assess all of the food as one request.  MVM will be providing hot chocolate, canned whip cream and S'Mores (choclate fudge cookies and marshmallows in a baggie).  All of the MVM food will be purchased from Bob's.


Power is again a question.  We will check with the City regarding the power outlet on the power pole next to the gazebo. We will also check with the Mint about using the power in the apartment entrance area for heating the hot chocolate.


Pat Plantenberg will again lend us his sound system for playing Christmas music at the gazebo.



Vic reported that he has already submitted a grant request to Town Pump for their Adopt-A-Family program.  We will offer to partner with Rotary to fulfill Christmas for families identified by Head Start and the local School personnel as needing help.


Pam stated that we were unhappy with the way the gifts were handled by the school last year. We will ask a church organization to deliver the gifts this year.


Senior Center Bingo

Vic reported on the October bingo event at the Senior Center hosted by MVM.  It was well attended with about 40 seniors having dinner then staying to play Bingo. Ross related that the Senior's would like us to host Bingo more often.  


XMAS Dinner

Pat stated that the lady that organizes the free Christmas dinner at the Methodist Church will be unable to organize the event this year due to personal issues.  He asked if MVM would call a meeting of the various organizations in town to see if we can find someone to organize the event and gather volunteers to work at the event.


Annual Meeting

Vic stated that by law MVM is required to have an Annual Meeting and elect new officers for next year.  It was decided we would have a pot luck dinner on Jan 2, 2020 at the Lodge at 5:30pm.  Nichole will contact Tina Homan about reserving the meeting room.


Rejoining the Chamber

Vic reported that Bobbi Mehan (co-president of the Townsend Area Chamber of Commmerce) had approached him about the possibility of MVM rejoining the Chamber.  Vic said he would put it on the agenda and bring it up for discussion.


Vic started the discussion by giving his view of the strengths and weaknesses of MVM as a stand alone organization. He also stated that MVM and the Chamber have the same general goals but have differing missions.  In summary, Vic stated that he thought that MVM and the Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce should form a strong partnership and work together to achieve fulfill our separate missions and common goals.


Debi Randolph also stated that it would be beneficial to both groups to be strong partners.  She felt "baby steps" in working together on projects would build the strong partnership.


Ernie Forrey gave a little history of BCDC and their relationship with the Chamber. He felt that BCDC, Chamber and MVM all have differing missions but very similar goals and that a strong partnership between the 3 organizations would be beneficial to all of the groups and to the community.


Patrick also stated that he felt a separate MVM with a strong partnership with the Chamber would be good.


Ross stated that if MVM is going to be a separate organization it needs to be able to stand on its own -- financially and with member participation.  He urged a strong partnership with the Chamber but that we should remain open to rejoining the Chamber if we can't stand alone.  


Nichole stated that she didn't see a reason to have a lot of different organizations in town all trying to achieve the same thing.  She felt that the MVM members have been financially supporting the group and that MVM needs to be able to financially support itself.


Jenni stated that she believes new leadership at the Chamber is changing strengthening the Chamber and that her real estate business is rejoining the Chamber.  However Jenni was adamant that MVM should remain a seperate organization but strive to form a strong partnership with the Chamber.


The consensus of the group was that, for now MVM should remain independent but strive to build a strong partnership with the Chamber.