MVM Minutes: 2020/01/16


Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of January 16, 2020 held at Penny's Breakfast Station at 8:30am. 

In Attendance:

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

LaRinda Spencer (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph

Pat Plantenberg

Laura Obert

Melinda Reidy

Bill Upthegrove


Annual Meeting

We need to set the date for our 2020 Annual Meeting. We need to determine our overall plan for 2020 and we need to elect officers for this 2020.  The annual meeting is required by law and we need to hold the meeting so Vic can file our Annual Report with the Secretary of State office.


Bonser Table Raffle

Pam reported that she has a couple of books of raffle tickets. Jenni Bonser had asked that we let everyone know that she will be distributing raffle tickets.


Bozeman and Gallatin County

Larina reported that she just received news that Gallatin County is now the second largest county in Montana surpassing Missoula County. The median house price in Gallatin County is $440,000.  Larinda wanted to let everyone know that we can expect more and more people to be moving to Broadwater County due to the housing costs in Gallatin County.


Tourism Committe Update

Vic reported that he and Brian Obert met with 2 marketing specialists in Helena. While they are not business partners they do collaborate on projects.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss MVM and the marketing committee to explore if they would be a good fit to work with us to implement the marketing according to the strategic plan developed with Windfall.  

Anna Strange and Allie Reynolds will attend the next committee meeting to discuss how they can help us and to discuss how much they would cost.

Windfall only used about half of our grant money. Vic will confirm with Sarah Bannon that we still have $4500 remaining of the grant and that we can still spend the grant money on implementing marketing plans.

Jeff Langlinais will also attend the meeting and he will discuss having Anna and Allie work with the Rotary Fall Fest committee to develop an integrated social media marketing plan.



Vic gave an update on the Adopt-A-Family program. Only 2 families applied with Head Start for Assistance.  Since MVM partnered with Rotary we had 3 grants between the 2 organizations that had to be spent on the Adopt-A-Family program.  Rotary assumed the smaller family while the larger family was split between Rotary and MVM.  The 2 organizations together spent approximately $1800 dollars on the Adopt-A-Family program.  MVM spent $802.00; $150.00 was spent on gift cards for gas purchases and food purchases at Bob's while $652.00 was spent on gifts for the children and parents.


Bill Upthegrove project

Bill Upthegrove requested to give inform us of a project that he would like to start as a "destination event". Bill is interested in starting a "pond hockey" program here in Townsend.  He would like to start with a local program but grow the program to include the surrounding counties: Lewis and Clark, Meagher, Gallatin, Jefferson and Silver Bow.  He feels that our central location between the counties and the availability of the lake makes this a natural location to grow a program.  Bill wanted to inform us and to ask if we felt it was a good idea and if we would help grow the program.

MVM felt the this program is a great idea and that we would help promote the project.  We are interested in seeing how the program is implemented and grows. If it is successful we would like to use the same template to implement the same concept for pickleball.


Christmas Stroll

Vic reported that "Santa's workshop" at the gazebo was a huge success. We had a steady stream of people visiting Santa throughout the entire Christmas stroll.  Debi Randolph reported that the stroll was a big success overall.  While it didn't seem like there were a lot of people on the street all of the business were full and crowded.


Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Vic reported that at the last BCDC meeting Ernie Forrey had done research on alcohol licenses for events.  There are different rules for non-profit organizations according to the type of 501 designation.  MVM is a 501(c6) and is allowed to have a license for 12 events a year.  We are proposing that MVM do a wine tasting event once a month as a fund raiser to replace the Zombie Run.


It has been proposed that we also include a beer event to highlight local area breweries and include the StoneHouse distillery.  Vic reported that the licenses allowed are for beer/wine events and that does not include hard liquor. More research has to be done to determine if StoneHouse distillery could be invited to allow a tasting of their products.


Debi Randolph suggested that at least some wine come from Townsend Liquor.  We agreed that we will include wine from them but since we can get wine cheaper from wine clubs we will mostly feature wines from the wine clubs.


Patrick warned that we do need to make a policy on how much wine can be consumed. We do not want to be sending people home intoxicated.


Bill Upthegrove suggested that we could get some of the local Montana wine makers to attend and bring their wine for tasting.


NON-Profit dinner

Chris Hettinger is organizing a dinner for all of the non-profit organizations in the county.  Patrick is helping organize the dinner. The plan is to hold a dinner in late March or April for all of the non-profits. Each non-profit will be allowed to have 2 representatives to discuss their missions and what they are doing.  The hope is by sharing information across the organizations and learn what resources are available to us.


Radersburg meeting

Since MVM was formed we have discussed partnering with Radersburg to promote their events and to include them in some of our plans. However we need to ensure that the Radersburg community wants to partner with us and to participate our marketing of Broadwater county.  Vic and Pam will be meeting with Radersburg Historical Preservation on January 18 to discuss our plans and opportunities we have to include Radersburg.  


Senior Center

Pam announced that we are holding another afternoon bingo event on January 28th at the Senior Center.  Pam has also started another funding for the Senior Center to provide another roast beef meal. Contact Pam if you would like to donate.