MVM Minutes: Annual Meeting on 2020/02/12

Missouri Valley Marketing Minutes for February 12, 2020


These minutes are for the Missouri Valley Marketing Annual Meeting on February 12, 2020.

In Attendance: Jenni Bonser (President), Nichole Brown (Vice President), Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer), LaRinda Spencer (Board member), Pam Sample (Board member), Ross Johnson, Debi Randolph, Patrick Plantenberg

Election of Officers: LaRinda nominated a slate of officers for 2020 and with some discussion the following were nominated: President: Nichole Brown, Vice President: LaRinda Spencer, Secretary/President: Vic Sample, Board Members: Pam Sample, Ross Johnson.  Ross Johnson seconded the motion. The Motion Passed.

Vic Sample will file the MVM Annual Report with the Secretary of State listing the new slate of Officers and Board members.

MVM Mission and Projects for 2020: Our mission for 2020 remains the same: Marketing Townsend and Broadwater County as well as the business, organizations and events in the county.

In 2020 we will continue to organize the Community Cleanup Day in conjunction with Patrick Plantenberg’s School Cleanup Day; The County Wide Yard Sale; Santa’s Workshop during the Christmas Stroll.

MVM will continue to lead the intra-organizational Tourism Marketing Committee.

MVM will continue to be a member of Southwest Marketing. Three of the Broadwater County Board members to Southwest Marketing will be MVM members: Vic Sample, Ross Johnson, Pam Sample.

Fund Raising: MVM will hold a monthly wine tasting at the Lodge. The cost of the wine tasting will be $25.00 for pre-purchased tickets and $30.00 at the door.

Some of the wine at the wine tasting will be purchased from the Townsend Liquor Store. We will try to purchase as much wine as we can locally, but to keep the wine tasting affordable and still raise money we will have to order wine through various wine clubs.  The Townsend Liquor Store can order some of the wine we buy through the wine club – so attendees will be able to order some of the wines through the Liquor Store.

At the first wine tasting event Rex, Ross and Tina will provide food. Pam and Nichole will provide desserts. We will plan on 50 attendees but cook enough food for 75.

We will have multiple tables “hosted” by MVM with multiple wines at each table. The table host will describe the wines and pour the wines for the wine tasting.

Centennial Insurance provided a quote for the wine tastings of approximately $180/event to be paid upfront (over $2100).  The Townsend Rotary Club Board approved being a sponsor of the events which allows the event to be covered by the Rotary event insurance. MVM will use the Rotary event insurance for this year.

Vic Sample will do the paperwork to get the event Wine/Beer license.

School Bond Issue:  MVM decided that being an official advocacy group for the Townsend School Bond issue for building a new elementary school did not fit or mission and that as a community service organization we do not want to advocate on a ballot issue. However, many of the members said they would work as private individuals to advocate for the Bond Issue.

Tourism Marketing Committee: The intra-organization Tourism Marketing Committee organized by MVM is continuing to work on defining and implementing projects to attract tourists, new businesses and new citizens to Broadwater County. The committee has representation from MVM, Rotary, MBAC, BCDC, TACC and Broadwater County.

The original Corridor Grant from Southwest Montana was used to work with Windfall Marketing in Missoula to create a strategic plan. Now the committee will move on to implementing the plan.

MVM has raised $5000 for the Tourism Marketing Committee.  MBAC has pledged funds from their Broadwater County fund.  Committee members from BCDC and TACC will ask their boards to contribute funds as well.

The Tourism Marketing Committee is working with Simple and Strange, a Helena based collaborative Marketing firm.  The estimate for the initial stages is $4910 plus miscellaneous expenses. The Committee expects to receive and sign a contract from Simple and Strange on February 14, 2020.

It was reported that the $5000 contributed by MVM was through $2500 donations from Ross and Diane Johnson and from Vic and Pam Sample.

Reimbursement Forms: To ensure that we can track and report remimbursements to MVM members - especially officers and board members - Pam Sample has created a reimbursement form to be used to report reimbursable expenditures by the officers and board members. The form will be downloadable from the MVM website.