MVM Minutes: 2020/04/09

Missouri Valley Marketing Meeting Minutes of April 9, 2020 via teleconference

In Attendance:

Nicole Brown (President)

Larinda Spencer (Vice President)

Vic Sample (Secretary/Treasurer)

Ross Johnson (Director),

Pam Sample (Director),

Debi Randolph

Pat Plantenberg

Laura Obert

Brian Obert

Ernie Forrey

Tina Homann


Proposal for MVM to join Townsend Rotary as a committee

Pat Platenberg proposed that MVM join Rotary as a "stand-alone" committee.  While trying to arrange for insurance for a proposed MVM fund raiser MVM asked Rotary to be a sponsor thereby allowing MVM to be covered by the Rotary International insurance. However the Townsend Rotary Club discovered that being sponsored by Rotary does NOT allow an event to be covered by the Rotary insurance.


One of the 6 areas of focus for Rotary is Economic Development. Pat proposed that MVM become the Economic Development committee for the Townsend Rotary Club with a separate budget, separate mission and fund raising.  That would allow any events (Community Cleanup, fund raising, etc.) to be covered by the Rotary insurance.  In addition it might be easier for an "MVM Committee" to ask for financing from the Rotary Club than it is as a separate organization.


During the discussion there was no objection to the idea of dissolving Missouri Valley Marketing Corporation and joining the Townsend Rotary Club; however there were a number of issues that would have to be worked out:

  • Loss of autonomy: Although the committee would have a great deal of self-governance as a Rotary committee, the Committee would be under the authority of the Rotary Board. For example: MVM is planning a Wine Tasting fundraiser and went to Rotary to ask Rotary to be a sponsor. Some of the Rotary Board members felt that a wine tasting event would be competition for the local bars.  Eventually the Rotary Board decided not to be a sponsor. As a separate organization that just meant Rotary would not be a sponsor.  As a committee, if the Rotary Board objected to the wine tasting event it would be disallowed altogether.
  • Rotary membership: Most of the MVM members are also Rotary members; but not all. Would the non-Rotary members have to become Rotary members to fully participate in an MVM Rotary committee.
  • Dissolution of MVM Corporation:  When MVM filed with the Montana Secretary of State as a "Public Benefit Corporation" we explicitly named BCDC as the receiver of all Corporate assets in the case of a dissolution of the Corporation.  At this time the assets of the Corporation are just the bank account which currently has a little over $4000.  However most of those funds are committed to the contract MVM has with  Simple and Strange and to the COVID-19 Relief Aid fund.  MVM only has about $300 in uncommitted funds.


Laura Obert suggested that the autonomy issue could be covered by having an MOU with the Townsend Rotary Club on how the Committee would be organized and operated.  


Pat Plantenberg, Ross Johnson, Laura Obert and Vic Sample volunteered to create a written proposal to bring to the Rotary Board at their April 14th meeting. 


Vic Sample made a motion that MVM authorize the MVM members that are also Rotary Board members (Pat Plantenberg, Vic Sample and Jenni Bonser) to bring the proposal to the Rotary Board.  Ross Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed.


Wine Tasting Event

MVM originally planned to have a wine tasting fund raiser event in March. Due to complications in obtaining the level of insurance required for the event we pushed the event to April 30.  However due to the COVID-19 situation we have placed the wine tasting event on hold until at least June.


Next Meeting 

The next MVM regular meeting will be on Thursday April 16th @10:00 via conference call.  The main agenda item will be a report from Pat Plantenberg, Vic Sample and Jenni Bonser on the proposal to the Rotary Board regarding MVM becoming a Rotary committee.