Day 2 of the Trading Post Mural Project

Day 2 of the Trading Post Mural project.
This is the third mural of this summer's 3 mural projects.
Missouri Valley Marketing received a generous grant from the Broadwater Community Foundation to create 3 murals in downtown Townsend.
Sophie Mathis was contracted to create the 3 murals. Sophie is well known in Townsend. Her grandmother is Townsend resident Bonnie Mathis and her grandfather helped build The Lodge of Townsend building.
Last summer Sophie created the mural on the City of Townsend maintenance building adjacent to the The Lodge of Townsend. Sophie has done many murals including one on the Mathis Grocery in White Sulphur Springs and has a mural in the Bozeman Airport.
Please come downtown and watch Sophie's murals come to life! Sophie is also accepting donations. If you appreciate Sophie's murals and how much they will add to our downtown area please make a contribution in the "contribution bucket" on site.