Day 15 of the Trading Post Mural

Due to the excessive heat Sophie hasn't been able to work on the mural as much as she would like; but she continues to make extraordinary progress.
Sophie Mathis is a muralist well known in Townsend. Sophie is related to Bonnie Mathis (Sophie's grandmother) and Greg Wallace (Sophie's uncle) . Sophie's grandfather worked on the Masonic Temple (now the Lodge of Townsend).
This is the last of the three murals MVM (Missouri Valley Marketing) commissioned Sophie to do this summer. In addition to the murals Sophie has done on Broadway, Sophie did a mural last fall on the City Maintenance Building adjacent to The Lodge of Townsend.
MVM received grants from the Broadwater Community Foundation and the Montana Community Foundation (through the ReImaging Rural program sponsored by the Montana State University Extension Office) to help fund the mural projects.