6th Annual Broadwater County-Wide Yard Sale a Huge Success

By any measure the Missouri Valley Marketing 6th Annual Yard Sale was a huge success!  The day was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze; clear skies dominated the day.

We had over 60 yard sales registered in the county including our first ever yard sale at the south end of the County.

The Front Street flea market stretched from Pat Plantenberg's nursery to the building across the street from Townsend Flooring, with over 10 vendors from Broadwater County, Helena, Three Forks and Whitehall.

I was working at the Front Street Flea Market area handing out maps of the Yard Sales throughout the county.  I spoke to shoppers from Helena, Three Forks, Bozeman, Whitehall and many from Butte.

The streets of Townsend were filled with vehicles going from Yard Sale to Yard Sale.  Parked cars filled both sides of the downtown business district along Broadway.

I visited several of the Yard Sales in Townsend and in the surrounding area.  The Yard Sales were filled with shoppers.  One family told me that they had visitors coming to their Yard Sale out of town at 7:30 in the morning.