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Upcoming Events

Sep 28On September 28 from 6:00 - 8:00pm there will be a Silos Recreation Area Master Plan Public Comment Meeting in the Broadwater County Library Community Room.
Oct 05There will be an Open House at the Broadwater Health Center from 2:30pm - 6:00pm. People are invited to take a tour of the hospital, meet providers and learn about all of the services available. There will be door prizes and food provided.
Oct 22The Canton Church Restoration, Inc. will be hosting the Annual Meeting and Dinner on Oct 22 at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Townsend. The Sweet Adelines from Helena will be preforming before a dinner of prime rib or chicken cordon bleu
Oct 29A 3K Run (or Walk/Crawl) through the streets of Townsend with a Zombie Theme. Contact Nichole Brown for more information.
Oct 29A 3K Run (or Walk/Crawl) through the streets of Townsend with a Zombie Theme. Contact Nichole Brown for more information.

Zombies Invade Montana

 News reports from all over the country were raving about the infection quickly consuming the nation.  People were suffering from flu-like symptoms and quickly dying within a week.  It was suspected that it all began from a cruise ship passenger returning home from a cruise through South America.  He had gotten adventurous chasing down a wild monkey and was supposedly bitten but didn't bother to say anything to anyone before returning to the ship.  The boat returned to Texas without any radio communication and when the ship was disembarked hoards of decaying bloody bodies were crawling and jumping from the ship ravenously attacking the shipyard crew and security.  No living survivors...       

 The Unliving were contained and eventually killed. The Zombie threat was over – we thought. But, the Zombies were bitten by bees and the infection spread first to the bees then to humans as they were bitten and stung.

 Through the summer a giant black cloud of bees came northward from Texas – leaving a swath of new Zombie hoards throughout the widwest. The bees arrived in Montana in the fall: they began spearing through the air and swarming ravenously.  You could hear the flaps of their tiny wings as they swarmed together and grew to cloud the skies with their masses.  First attacking the birds and wild animals, and then our livestock and domesticated animals; then stinging people and biting them as they were walking the streets and working outside.  Eventually hiding in homes and stinging and biting people inside their own houses as people were trying to care for their sick animals and family members.  The virus turned the bees into killer swarms that quickly spread the disease throughout our haven.  No barricade or shotgun was going to slow down this invasion.

Now we're fighting for our lives as we escape from the zombie hoards.  Will YOU survive?


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Silos Area Master Plan

The Silos area has become a very important community to Broadwater County and to Townsend. The Silos Recreation Area in conjunction with the Silos area Community bring a lot of visitors to the area. The Silos Community has become larger than many Montana towns.

The Silos area provides a great opportunity to have a "destination" spot in the county that draws people from all over the country -- if  growth and improvements are planned and executed well.

You have an opportunity to participate in the planning process for developing a Master Plan in conjuction with the Silos Community, the Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management and Broadwater County. There are a series of meetings planned to be held in the Library Community room in Townsend. The meetings will be 6:00pm - 8:00pm. 

The meeting dates are July 26, August 24 and September 28 - put them on your calendar.

In addition you can visit the Silos Planning Website at CanyonFerry-Silos.  Please consider taking the short survey of about 29 questions. The survey can be completed in less than 5 minues: CanyonFerry-Silos survey


Silos Master Plan is being developed by Robert Peccia and Associates and MBAC (Montana Business Assistance Connection) in conjuction with the BOR, BLM, Broadwater County and YOU!

Leprechaun Festival 2017 - organized and hosted by BHC Auxilliary

Sip'n'Paint Event sponsored by Artisans of the Missouri River Valley

Sip'n'Paint Event sponsored by Artisans of the Missouri River Valley

Hog'em, Beat'em & Cheat'em - Artisans of the Missouri River Valley are sponsoring a "Sip'n'Paint" event at the American Legion Club on March 2, 2017.

Broadwater Lions 2017 Perch Derby - Jan 28,29

The Broadwater Lions 2017 Perch Derby will be held on January 28 and 29 at the Silo's Recreation Area on Canyon Ferry Lake.

A Calcutta Autction will be held at the Mint Bar in Townsend on Saturday 28 at 6:00pm.

Rotary to Pick Best Christmas Light Displays

The Townsend area is blessed with some wonderful Christmas light displays this Holiday Season.  The Rotary Club of Townsend will be driving around the Townsend area December 15-17 picking the Best Residential Christmas Light Display Contest winners for 2016.  The top three winners will receive $100, $50, and $25 checks from Rotary and a photo of their display in next week’s Broadwater Reporter.  So be sure to leave your lights on Thursday-Saturday until at least 9 pm.  And thanks for lighting up Townsend! 

Townsend Community of Churches 10th Annual Christmas Dinner

Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce sets Christmas Stroll Date

Silver Springs Assisted Living Opens January, 2017

Townsend's newest Senior Assisted Living Facility - Silver Springs Assisted Living - will open in January, 2017.

Diana Berglind Fundaiser Dinner and Silent Auction

On Saturday Nov 12, 2016 a fundraiser for Diana Berglind sponsored by the Sheperd of the Valley Lutheran Church will be held 4-7pm in the Multi-purpose Room of the Elementary School. Guests can enjoy dinner from 4:00 - 7:00 and browse the silent auction baskets, craft and bake sale items as well as hear an always popular musical presntation by the Sunday School Children at 5:30pm.

Townsend United Methodist Church Fall Bazaar and Dinner


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