Yard Sale

6th Annual Broadwater County-Wide Yard Sale a Huge Success

By any measure the Missouri Valley Marketing 6th Annual Yard Sale was a huge success!  The day was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze; clear skies dominated the day.

We had over 60 yard sales registered in the county including our first ever yard sale at the south end of the County.

Broadwater County 2nd Annual County-Wide Yard Sale

First Annual Broadwater County-Wide Yard Sale a Huge Success

The First annual Broadwater County-Wide Yard Sale took place last Saturday, June 17th. Even though the weather appeared to be questionable early, it turned out to be a beautiful day for those that ventured out. Forty-seven people registered their address on the yard sale map before the cut-off date of the Monday before the event.  We had many more people decide to join us the week of the event too, and there were at least five sellers on Front Street at the flea-market area that welcomed some heavy traffic.

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