Southwest Montana

MVM works with Southwest Montana to distribute tourist aimed COVID procedure posters

Working with Southwest Montana, Missouri Valley Marketing has been distributing tourism aimed COVID Awareness and procedures to businesses in Townsend and Broadwater County.

The State of Montana is funding the COVID Awareness programs through the Federal Cares Act funding.

Look for the posters around town!

MVM host Southwest Montana Board Meeting

MVM host Southwest Montana at The Lodge in Townsend

On March 27 Missouri Valley Marketing (MVM) hosted the Southwest Montana Board meeting at the newly renovated “Lodge in Townsend”. Over 35 people from the 9 nine county Southwest Montana region including 10-15 people from Broadwater County attended the meeting. Lunch was catered by Mountie Moose Bakery with a welcoming assortment of sandwiches, salads, chips and desserts.

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