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Zombies Invade Montana

In 2017 bees carrying a zombie virus swarmed north out of Texas causing a large zombie invasion across the United States. The virus is believed to have originated in South America and was brought to the US on a cruise ship out of Texas.

While the zombie virus was originally carried by bees the virus was quickly acquired by mosquitos and is now being spread throughout the United States by swarms of mosquitos. USA Today reported in May that Lake Worth, Florida was the first city to be affected this year with the Lake Worth Alert System sending out the following warning:



The very wet spring in Montana has caused the mosquito spread zombie virus to explode. 

ANYONE bitten by a mosquito this year is at extreme risk of being infected with the Zombie Virus!

The Center for Zombie Control (CZC) in Atlanta has issued a warning for all of Montana but warns that Broadwater County Montana is at extreme risk for the zombie virus. The CZC warns that it takes months for the virus to gestate and they expect those infected to start showing symptoms and begin morphing into full zombies in the month of October with the epicenter of the infection being in Townsend, Mt.

The CZC warns that it is imperative that you must avoid contact with anyone that has morphed into a zombie. Be vigilant and on the lookout for any signs of the outbreak.

Will YOU survive the 2018 Zombie Epidemic?


Zombie Run/Walk/Crawl




The Missouri Valley Marketing Zombie Run/Walk/Crawl is a 5K course through Townsend.  Each person will have a role:

  • Living Participant
  • Zombie

At the beginning of the Run each Living person will be given 4 flags. The Living People will be given a headstart over the zombies. When the zombies are set free they will chase the Living people attempting to catch them by grabbing a flag. When all 4 flags are gone the runner is out of the RUN -- UNLESS they purchase more flags from a Zombie Run referee ($1.00).

Zombies must be made up to look like zombies!

Along the course there will be Zombie Safe Zones where a Living runner can escape zombies -- or just catch a breath.

OH -- But Beware: hidden along the route will be zombies waiting to catch an unwary runner!

The Referees will be along the route to ensure that all participants are abiding by the Zombie Run Rules (see below)

The Zombie Run course will pass by all of the local cafe/bars and all of the local bars will be Zombie Safe Zones where Living runners and Zombies can all relax and enjoy the cafe/bar speciality Zombie drink (with or without alcohol).

Runners will have 2 hours to complete the Run (to allow time in the Zombie Safe Zones).

There will be awards for the Best Zombie Makeup/Costumes (adults and children). In addition, there will be raffles and games during the after party at one of the Zombie Safe Zones (one of the cafe/bars).

There will be awards for:

  • Most Flags Captured by a Zombie
  • Fastest Living Adult and Child Living Runners
  • Best Zombie Costume

The Registration Fee for the Zombie Run is $15.00 per person for Early Registration (before October 16, 2018) . After that the registration will be $20.00 per person. 

Zombie Run T-Shirts and Beanies ($10 each) can be ordered during the Online Registration process or can be purchased at the registration table on the day of the Zombie Run.

For those that would like to buy a T-Shirt, Beanie or Sticker but NOT participate in the Zombie Run:

  • The merchandise will be sold at the registration table on the day of the race
  • After the Zombie Run the merchandise will be sold at Artisans On Broadway in Townsend.


To see the Zombie Run Route click on Route

To see the Timeline of Events on the Day of the Run click on TimeLine



Zombie Run Rules

  • All participants in the Run will respect EVERYONE else in the Run and all property along the Run
  • While alcohol will be available in the Zombie Safe Cafe/Bars - no alcohol will be allowed on the run outside of the bars
  • Zombies will be attempting to catch runners by grabbing their flags -- NO Inappropriate touching will be allowed!
  • Only one flag can be taken from each victim at a time.
  • Each Living Runner can have only 4 flags at a time.
  • Living Runners and Zombies alike will remain on the offical Zombie Run Course.
  • The Referees will be enforcing the rules -- violaters will be eliminated from the Run
  • All Children under 14 must be accompanied by an Adult
  • All Registrations are final - no refunds
  • Most importantly, EVERYONE must have FUN!!!


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Note: Missouri Valley Marketing does NOT keep your credit card information on file. The credit card processing goes straight to our credit card processor over an SSL secure line.

Missouri Valley Marketing would like everyone to pre-register by filling in the form below.  By giving us your contact information we can keep you up-to-date on the Zombie Run Activities and by specifying your T-Shirt Size we can ensure we have enough tee shirts for all participants.



MVM Zombie Run Registration

Zombie Run Information

Early Bird registration fee is $15.00 through 2018-10-16

After 2018-10-16 the registration fee is $20.00

Zombie Run Merchandise

To keep the registration fee as low as possible we have separated the Zombie Run T-Shirt and Beanie from the Registration fee

Registration Fees are NOT refundable

Total Registration Fee: $15.00



Zombie Run Sponsors - 2018

Platinum Sponsors ($300) 

Hamilton Honey


Diamond Sponsors ($200)

KDGZ 98.3 - Townsend Bulldogs Radio

Mountie Moose


Gold Sponsors ($100)

Artisans on Broadway

Exit Realty of Helena

Fishtale Tavern

Jack Farm


Silver Sponsors ($50) 

Jenni Bonser

Selah's Office Solution





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